About Us

The owners are dedicated emerging businessmen playing a major role in the development of this country through creation of jobs, skills development and on-job training of personnel in various sectors. The business aligns itself with the objectives of ICT based community development initiatives through which the government also emphasized its full support of the SMME development.

The business also prepares itself to take advantage of all viable business opportunities that might arise since it boost both financial and human resources and facilities sufficient enough to guarantee service delivery and the success of the business. It has aligned itself and formed partnerships with other leading ICT businesses in order to gain experience, transfer of business skills and be able to provide high quality services, through speedy deliveries and satisfying the needs of the customers. The business is run professionally; it has instituted proper internal control and accounting systems.


To provide prompt and reliable services
To provide speedy and quality services to all our customers.


To create employment and provide quality and affordable services.
To participate in the areas that black companies were previously excluded


Providing quality services to all of our clients, regardless of age, gender, race
Showing sensitivity and care.